Puppy/Kitten Visits

Puppy/Kitten Visits

  • Are you parents to a new puppy or kitten?
  • Do you work long hours and find it difficult to come home during a break?
  • Will you need support with trips to the vets for the all important inoculations and micro chipping?

Well let me help you and your furry little friend.  I can visit your new family edition when needed.  Visits will be tailored to yours and your little pet’s requirements.  I will gain their confidence to ensure that their settling in period is managed well.

Visits include:

  • Feeding/watering
  • Continuation with toilet training
  • Promoting exercise and play
  • Clean up of any spillages/litter tray
  • Visits to the vet when necessary
  • Accompany your pet to explore their new environment in the garden 
  • Basic grooming
  • Love, attention and comfort from me
  • Send messages and pics/videos of your little friend to you



A week after your pup has been fully vaccinated, I can start taking them out for short walks only and support with their toilet training and feeding.  As your pup gets older, I will slowly introduce your pup to other dogs and humans to support their socialisation and behaviour.


A week after their first vaccinations (usually at 15 weeks), kitties can go out and explore their environment in the garden.  I will never leave them alone until after they have been neutered, usually 6 months.


Please refer to my rates