Dog Walking

Dog Walking

  • Does your dog need that extra walk to break up their day while you are at work or away?
  • Is your dog hyperactive/has behavioural problems?
  • Are you unable to take your dog for walks?

For whatever reasons, Katz’N’K9z can assist you with regular or ad-hoc walks.:

DSC00526Come rain or shine, let me do this for you when you can’t.  I will provide regular and consistent walks involving play, stimulation and opportunities for your dog to socialize and interact with other dogs and humans.  I will not walk more than two dogs at the same time.  This allows me to give your dog my full attention and so build a good relationship with them.

I also offer solo walks at your request. I understand that some dogs may be timid or fearful of other dogs.  I will help to build their confidence and trust through my solo walks.  Eventually, leading to your dog to be able to socialise with other dogs and or humans.

As the saying goes, a tired dog will feel more relaxed, healthier and content!   In turn, you too will feel happy to see that your dog is benefiting from regular walks and play.

Please note:

  • I will always carry water, treats and a first aid kit on walks.  There is also a first aid kit in the car with secure crates to transport your dog when necessary.  
  • I will also clean any muddy paws and towel dry your dog when required.
  • I will keep you updated with messages and photos of your friend.

 Please refer to my rates