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Following twenty seven years in the roles of Night Care Officer and office professions; Human Resources, Children and Adults Safeguarding and Personal Assistant, I made the decision to take my redundancy and set up my pet sitting and dog walking business.  

I have always been surrounded by animals from an early age and have owned many pets: cats, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, chipmunks and fish .  Last year my husband and I spent a fantastic time in the beautiful country Borneo where we encountered orang utangs, macaques, proboscis monkeys, monitor lizards, exotic birds in their natural habitat – it was amazing!!  Sorry I am straying a bit but I wanted to share that with you……

Due to various reasons, we couldn’t own a dog, so I decided to work voluntary at Coventry’s RSPCA  at weekends.  I walked with dogs of all different breeds and sizes and let them run in the RSPCA’s secured area. I was in my element, but most importantly the dogs relished the time and the attention given to them in unfortunate circumstances.  I also lent a hand in the cattery, socialising with cats and gaining their trust as some were cat cases that were traumatised from their past situations.  I spent time playing and having fun with adorable kittens. I also worked with small animals and helped with preparation of food, washing and laundry.  For me, I not only gained valuable knowledge but had a fantastic experience and would highly recommend volunteering.

I then began volunteering for the Cinnamon Trust charity. I had the privilege of walking, playing and spending time with a fantastic cross collie/lurcher !!   Over the last few years, I have cared for my mother’s four wonderful cats in their own home, whilst she has been away and have walked my neighbour’s dogs too.  Just brilliant!!

I am currently studying for my Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Diploma and I am a certified dog walker and pet sitter with  Animals Job Direct.

It has always been my ambition to follow my dream and work with animals, but due to work and family commitments, I did not have the opportunity to do this full time until now and I’m very excited!!

And so the journey begins……




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