Emma Jayne Warrener

Emma Jayne Warrener

We are a multi cat household and l need help when my partner is away overnight as l am disabled and even though it was a very late booking for the Easter weekend, Corrina was lovely and managed to fit in a one and a half hour visit on both the required days. Our cats young and old took to Corrina with no problems and no request was too much and all questions answered spot on 😺

Our Devon rex boys enjoyed supervising the cleaning of their litter tray and followed Corrina to and from the bathroom for every water bowl that was refilled, giving their approval 😺. Diesel is naughty and was also keen to supervise the girls room whilst it was being cleaned and food bowls topped up but Corrina told him he had to wait on the landing like a good boy 🐈🐾 and they would have red dot play time after she had finished in the girls room.

Sasha our 17 year old black rescue moggy requires medication and Corrina was happy to do this with no hesitation, even when l hadn’t prepared it on the second day as l was feeling unwell, Corrina did it all for me. Followed with head fusses for Sasha and then food as this is what our Sasha loves the most ❤️🐈

As I was home too, Corrina made a point to ask if there was any thing else she could do before she left. Corrina is friendly, very accommodating, great with the cats and holds all the paperwork you need to see from a professional cat / dog sitter. Corrina was a god send this weekend and we will be using her services again, she listens to your requests and is excellent with our cats who are all indoors, Devon Rex, Mainecoon and DSH, so a mixture .
five stars   reviewed KatznK9z 03 April 2018

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